Bussinesman come drink my wine

Just decided that if i were a song i would by All Along the Watchtower as made famous by Jimi Hendrix. There is a whole cognitive process behind it and hopefully one day i will have the patience to tell you all about it.


1) Haven’t taken any photos in a while now and I’m starting to get the feeling that i kinda lost the skill

2) Discovered a new, pretty kick ass band, and hopefully made some new awesome friends: Tragic, pix from their gig at Big Mamou below

3) “This was the year he fell to pieces and ironically this was the year when more people then he knew even existed scrambled to put him back together again” – funny enough this makes sense now. :) Thank you for an amaizing 2009. I’ll tell you more about it some time in the near future.

Tragic @ Big Mamou 12th of November:



You can find the whole set on Flickr

Also, i never mentioned this before in this space but my sis is one amaizing human being: Thanks for the support, frate!



A Tryke

I guess you always get what you want and it looks like i wanted  trykes.  No pun intended.

A tryke

and TKR doing his TKRs

been doin a lot of stuff, had no time to shoot more.  Funny enough this whole new thing in which i dont get to shoot photos or have the time to skate is not really that thirlling. Its way to quiet these days,in a busy way but  there’s no saga.

Later Edit: God i love the stuff that happens while you are away. :) Buer’s entry is just brilliant, like you would expect from any good journalist like him. You gotta read it, it my fkin day! God save the scene.

I like Cheese

Word of advice 1: So it turns out that some people are too intelligent for their own good. Other people are so dumb you will eventually consider them evil.

Word of advice 2: Eat a lot of cheese. It’s good for your health

That’s kinda like today’s Gab piece of intelligence.

Anyways, off we to some pix. Just FYI i did not shoot these. As you will easily notice they don’t have that “shoz” my pix have. :) Also, that’s kinda why they are in color. So, yeah, pics from Bansko, like the best 3 i found. I bumped into them today when i got home and i realized it’s been almost six months and i havent had the oportunity to browse them.

last but not least you have to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNC4I6qiauI

Clicks and he scores…

Sorry sweetheart, nothing special today.  Promise next one will be interesting.

Sldiers and buttons: somewhere on the highway before Agigea, the 4th of May.

Fcuk!: for the fun of it.  September 2008

Hell yeah! :)

Studies of Flight

Classical study of flight – With flying stuff in it, shot on the 2nd of may on location 2 Mai.

And then i realize that our generation is so fuckin alternative. i mean like so alternative so there has to be more than one way to it.

Alternative study of flight – With alternative flying stuff in it, shot on the 2nd of may on location 2 Mai. :)

Hugs and all that!

… and my name is Pride

I used to have 9 lives. Then one day i fell asleep on the couch and woke up in a bar, my wallet was missing alongside all my stuff. All i had was a note that said “I’m not a concept” next to my head. I kinda felt like puking.

Grabbing a pen from the bartender i scribbled “yes you are”. It didn’t really make sense but all i could think was ” fuck man, i’m gonna miss the bus back home”. I put the note in my pocket, nod at the bartender, put my skates on and start heading towards the exit.

daca pleci acum pleci de tot“, i can hear her voice behind me. And i know that by the time i get to open the door she will grab my hand and we’ll be back on the couch. I take the note out of my pocket and i get to read “Notar public, on blogger since december 2006“.

Notar Public

I woke up like five minutes ago and logged in. I remembered i wanted to post these photos. Funny enough, if you look really close at the one above you will notice that there is a sign that says “Notariat“.

Saint Exupery

I clicked…

I did, God damn right I did. I just fuckin did. So, it turns out that stories that deserve documented only begin in 2007.

Anyhow, apart from that, yours trully talented has trully realised that he used to shoot good photos at some time. I was browsing an old inbox, searching for them lovely “Dupa ce ai facut de data asta NU VREAU SA-TE MAI VAD IN VIATA MEA!” love letters and i found this: http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=52720&page=9

So, yeah, there you go, old stuff. I won’t take you through the whole thing, some like the one below were good, so were fantastically and trully bad.

Oh yeah, and this one was so fuckin prophetic

Also, for those of you that can help in anyway, I’m still trying to find a lawyer / foundation. Gimme a call if you know any of the two.