Bussinesman come drink my wine

Just decided that if i were a song i would by All Along the Watchtower as made famous by Jimi Hendrix. There is a whole cognitive process behind it and hopefully one day i will have the patience to tell you all about it.


1) Haven’t taken any photos in a while now and I’m starting to get the feeling that i kinda lost the skill

2) Discovered a new, pretty kick ass band, and hopefully made some new awesome friends: Tragic, pix from their gig at Big Mamou below

3) “This was the year he fell to pieces and ironically this was the year when more people then he knew even existed scrambled to put him back together again” – funny enough this makes sense now. :) Thank you for an amaizing 2009. I’ll tell you more about it some time in the near future.

Tragic @ Big Mamou 12th of November:



You can find the whole set on Flickr

Also, i never mentioned this before in this space but my sis is one amaizing human being: Thanks for the support, frate!



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