I like Cheese

Word of advice 1: So it turns out that some people are too intelligent for their own good. Other people are so dumb you will eventually consider them evil.

Word of advice 2: Eat a lot of cheese. It’s good for your health

That’s kinda like today’s Gab piece of intelligence.

Anyways, off we to some pix. Just FYI i did not shoot these. As you will easily notice they don’t have that “shoz” my pix have. :) Also, that’s kinda why they are in color. So, yeah, pics from Bansko, like the best 3 i found. I bumped into them today when i got home and i realized it’s been almost six months and i havent had the oportunity to browse them.

last but not least you have to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNC4I6qiauI


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