… and my name is Pride

I used to have 9 lives. Then one day i fell asleep on the couch and woke up in a bar, my wallet was missing alongside all my stuff. All i had was a note that said “I’m not a concept” next to my head. I kinda felt like puking.

Grabbing a pen from the bartender i scribbled “yes you are”. It didn’t really make sense but all i could think was ” fuck man, i’m gonna miss the bus back home”. I put the note in my pocket, nod at the bartender, put my skates on and start heading towards the exit.

daca pleci acum pleci de tot“, i can hear her voice behind me. And i know that by the time i get to open the door she will grab my hand and we’ll be back on the couch. I take the note out of my pocket and i get to read “Notar public, on blogger since december 2006“.

Notar Public

I woke up like five minutes ago and logged in. I remembered i wanted to post these photos. Funny enough, if you look really close at the one above you will notice that there is a sign that says “Notariat“.

Saint Exupery


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