A’dam II

So… uhm, show pix lol? Well, for Le Tired, this is prety much the highlights of Amsterdam. Were you really expecting anything else?

(well, actually it IS a mash-up. It’s really the mash-up that the whole of December created in my mind during my stay in Amsterdam. I think it’s called cut-up in literature, tbh, i don’t really know.)

Start here (“so ai avea chef de o scurta vacanta de ski inainte de craciun?”) – 24th of December, train to Amsterdam

“… they burn them all away” – 2nd of January. Pretty much spent most of my time listening to Lavele, taking photos, deleting them… the usual. Then, eventually, laying on the bed one morning, exhaling, Inside loops in, and I’m like “wait a second”

“So, how come you’re so quiet?” – 1st of january, Amsterdam, all i could do was smile and try to find an answer that wouldn’t really answer the question, cause there was no way i could share my reasons. Cause there is no way in hell….

“Fa-mi si mie o placere […]” – 27th of  December, one of the canals, coldest day in the last 25 years in Adam. “-[…] si nu-ti vopsi unghiile / -in negru sau in orice culoare? / -oricum. / -Negociem…/ -poti sa le dai cu lac./ -Uhm, sunt barbat, nu imi dau unghiile cu lac!”

“Vreau sa imi iau caciula cu urechi […]” – Same canal, same 27th of december, but this time around Adam was really fucking with my brains. ” […]ca sa ma pot boschetari…/ – Sa te poti ce?/ -Boschetarii… / -?/ -adica sa arat ca un boschetar./ – Da ce, acum te confunda lumea cu un bacher?”.

“Am niste nurofen la mine[…]” – Dortumund airport, this time arround, just left the place. And, yeah, you were right, it’s skewed and it’s all that white that’s burning  ” […] -Sunt alergica la ibuprofen/ -Aham… asta e nasol, nu?/ -Dap”.

Disclamers and such:

It won’t really make any sense if you try to make something out the whole story. It’s like taking tons of details, selecting  just a few and then pouring alchohol over the whole thing.

To answer a very dear friend of mine, this is not about someone, it’s about me. About geting things out, in a neutral way. If you are going to ask me if i feel better right now i’ll smile and say yes. Will it do? No, it won’t, i will probably write it ALL on walls, paint the whole of the bridge i walk under each evening, fly kites, search cross roads to sell my soul and fix the problem. That or just continue taking photos. Haven’t really made up my mind.

Smile, cause you know what I’m talkin about. :)

It’s in all of us really.


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