Random Post

… by Gabriel.

Random Building – random walk downtown

Random Lamps – in the same random walk downtown

Random Street – cause… well… random.

Random Trees in Random Bansko – cause nothing really happens random.

I really wish i had something intelligent this time arroud,  just to wipe the fuckin first impression from your head and that perfectly dumb but lovely smile off your face. But i don’t.

Also i keep bumpin an umbrela that doesn’t belong to me round the house.

Last night knocked it off the desk and hit Fitz (the cat). Needless to say the whole thing turned into the FUCKIN BUTTERFLY EFFECT as it got scared, put out a fiery raging warrior scream , grabbed my leg with nails and started turning my flesh into tiny bits of yogurt. In case you are wondering why yougurt, well, i was holding a jar of it in my hand and first thing that came to mind was “fuck my leg is turning into yogurt”.

Anyways,  so the cat is tearing my leg to tiny bits, I start cursing, spill the yogurt all over, all of the sudden the door opens. Cat sees the oportunity and literary screeches out, i throw the jar after it, door continues to open, mum walks in, gets hit by yogurt jar. 30 minutes later Grandma hears half of the story and thinks i’m performing satanic rituals with a cat, an umbrela and a jar of … well, yogurt.

So, take the fuckin umbrela back, people, i don’t need it. Who knows what other curses it will bring upon to me. Besides, I just got back in, i was really missing home, please dont spoil this for me.


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