Tribute to Soundtrack for an Unmade Motion Picture

So, here it is, Soundtrack for Unknown Motion Picture: for when you are starring your very own thriller flick. Hear it, love it hate it, tell me what you thought about it. I’m not sure for how long i can keep it here so after you download it, spread it all across the interwebz.

This is my tribute to one of the greatest colections of music i ever had the oportunity to listen to: Soundtrack of an Unmade Motion Picture by drgutman.

The Original Track List:

01. Suspended Head – The Nels Cline Singers

02. North -Phoenix

03. Dirge – Death In Vegas

04. Song for Jesse – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

05. Grand Piano – Sighisoara

06. Free Improvisation – The Conglomerate

07. Squire for Hire – Nathan Haines

08. De pies a la cabesa – Pacha Massive

09. To Build a Home – The Cinematic Orchestra

10. Daedalus Rising – Death In June

11. Reign Dub – Thievery Corp

12. E5kat0ria3EV – Metastaz

13. Opera – Emmanuel Santarromana

14. Zero Point Energy – Universal Constructors

15. Soul Auctioneer – Death in Vegas

16. Bad Trip – Tiburk Sound System

17. Ecko-Logick -High Tone

18. Come On – Annika

19. Reign – Unkle

As you might have already figured it out, this is a musical exercise.

Spread it like a wild fire. If you have higher quality versions of the tracks feel free to use them as long as you don’t modify the original content.

Download Link 1:



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