Les aventures du le Tee Tee sur Saigon

Some film stills from Ho Chi Minh City captured last year – definitely one of the more awesome places on earth.

et moi avec Le Tee Tee


Fagaras Two Day Classic – Part I

I’m starting a 3 or 4 post recap of 2011’s highlights in photos.
Here is something from mid-end year: trekking in Fagaras on a classic trail:
Balea Lac -> Vf Paltinu -> Vf Laitel -> Lacul Catun -> Vf Negoiu

Club Aventura – un grup de temerari de renume international

Zic de renume international pentru ca fiecare avem cel putin doi amici peste hotare care ne cunosc.  :)

Spring Pinkness

Soo i’ve had Them Crooked Vultures in my earphones for the past week, my head is spinning with riffs and:

“You’re gonna end up under tooth and nail.
If you catch a tiger by the tail, don’t fail.”

With no obvious tie in to the above I’ve been shooting some landscapes:

… But then Editors kicked in heavy. :)

Peace out!

2 people, 1 telly


The truth…

…in colorful frames.

Talking to a very dear friend he goes telling me how i’m cheating by shooting BW. “Why ?” i ask him with the specific dumb grin on my face. “Well, you see, colors make our life grand” he says. “Look around, color is what makes us different, majestic, pitiful and anything but the same”

Well, let me tell you this: “I think you are totally wrong, my friend. I like BW cause i’m lazy” I wistfully counter riposted.



Part of the angst machine



The ripe fruits of motivation



The Nest



Black and white photography is sincere, non pretentious and somewhat easy to stare at for hours and hours. It’s the very essence of what we are when we are still. No matter how many colors you wear, no matter how bright or pale you dress, no matter how much make up you put on you are nothing but a little monkey, wrapped in a suit, walking around other funny little monkeys. And that is the beauty of it, this is what black and white filters out: the monkey suits that we unconsciously put on every day so that we get the approval of other monkeys.

And just to reinforce the above I uploaded some color stuff.

Oh, and by the way, i love monkeys. :)